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Photo Gallery

Baby Daniel Baby Daniel Daniels' first home in the village 198296927 The "squatty" 198296928 His legally blind grandfather 198296929 His physcially and mentally handicapped mother 198296930 Making the adoption legal 198296931 He is now part of our GTS family!! 198296932 6.2 pounds 1 week old 198296920 We were blessed he was fairly healthy when we got him 198296923 He stayed with us for 6 weeks 198296924 198296921 He helped me do laundry during the water shortage 198296922 At GTS with Honorine and Treasure Faith- hired to be Daniels main care giver and to help at GTS with other children and in the kitchen 198296925 198296926 He is 4 months old here and doing so well 198296933 We sing Danny the tune of "Lollipop". He loves it....they now call him Danny. 198296934 Laughing and smiling and trying so hard to talk 198296935