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Abundantly Above Blessings!!

Posted by borns on September 28, 2013 at 11:50 PM Comments comments (383)

God has been blessing us abundantly above what we have asking for or expecting. Once again proving to us how much greater His plans are for us than we can even imagine.

While some of these blessings may seem small to some people they have been huge to us. Often we will spend years developing relationships before we see any financial partnership. This time around we have seen some immediate fruit. WOW! And we have gained new friends on top of that. There has been such sweet fellowship as we have gone around. We have been finding ourselves meeting people for the first time and feeling as if we have been friends forever. When we went to Colorado the housing situation didn't go as planned, but we ended up staying at Table Mountain had an awesome view of mountains and provided a quiet retreat for us. I had asked Barbara (Griggs....a friend) if she could help out with a haircut. What I got instead was: a haircut, hair colored, a massage and a pedicure, a new brush and some product. WOW again!! Abundantly above what was asked for. Never underestimate the impact of this type of ministry to missionaries. It still brings tears to my eyes just thinking about how much of a blessing it was. We even got to see Bishop Castle too! (a really cool place), were treated to dinner and had an impromptu get together where we met more new friends!

When we left there we headed out to see Katelyn in Fort Collins CO. It was great, but a little strange seeing her outside of Cameroon (haha). She treated us to apple pie and we discussed her year off before she goes to the next level of schooling. So I have my hand out only saying "Come!" (one of our inside's what Willie does to us when he wants us to take him somewhere).

Next driving through some snow and sleet in Wyoming on our way to Utah to have breakfast with the Hoys, finally arriving at our next stop Desert Hot Springs, CA.

So we are up to a total of:            miles according to our trip tachometer. We will be speaking 2 services at Grace Church tomorrow morning. We are excited to be able to share what the Lord is doing in Cameroon!

Colorado here we come!

Posted by borns on September 23, 2013 at 10:35 AM Comments comments (210)

We are finishing up our time here in Santa Fe, NM. What a blessing it has been and what an amazing group of brethren here. Fellowship last night was so sweet....Just showing one of the most well known Psalms, How good and how pleasant it is when brethren dwell together in unity (paraphrased). You can tell the closeness of this group. What a blessing to have been invited to partake of that last night. We leave built up and edified. Phil and Rose have been great hosts. We leave feeling that we have gained much more than just those who have caught the vision...we have gained new friends.

So off to Colorado where we see more friends and Katelyn (the volunteer who stayed with us in Cameroon for several months).

So to keep a running total....1307 miles from Florida to TX., 722 miles from TX to NM and we are headed out to travel 293 mile from NM to Colorado. for a total of (drum roll please)....2322 miles since we left Florida on Sept 19th. This first leg of the trip is the most difficult in terms of miles driven in a short time.

We are so excited about what the Lord has been doing on this trip.....and it is just the beginning!





Coast to we go!

Posted by borns on September 20, 2013 at 11:20 PM Comments comments (178)

So I am going to try something….posting /blogging about our coast to coast trip. Thursday morning we began our trip. First stop Kerrville, TX (a mere 1300+ mile), where our sending organization (CTEN) has its home office. It has been great to see in person our new pastoral care couple (Bob and B Nesbit), stay overnight at their home, pray together, eat together, and sleep in a bed (Thursday night we were in the car all night). We also got to meet Sherri and have a chance to chat with Rick.

Back track several weeks….we were so happy to see Christi, Suz, Bee bee (Tim’s mom) and Dwayne when we first set foot in Florida (at Orlando Intl airport). Yeah!!! We have had to do a whirl wind of stuff to get ready to head out. We have seen provision after provision from the Lord (I will share about some of those soon). And this is just the start of our time here in the States….we can’t wait to see what the Lord is going to do as this trip unfolds. And it’s been such a blessing to be able to spend some time with the girls and visit with our ECCC family. On Weds. evening we enjoyed an amazing church service (all of ECCC service are great). The worship was anointed, the message uplifting and we both felt the Lord speak to our hearts about His future plans for us (we are experiencing many firsts right now) so we had our “send off” from the Lord for our trip. What a way to start!!


September 2010 already!!

Posted by borns on September 14, 2010 at 1:20 PM Comments comments (615)

Here it is already the middle of September 2010. Can't believe the year is almost gone and this is my first post. Keeping up with face book....visit us there, but really bad about this website. I got a little discouraged when I saw noone was visiting, but am back on track now! Tim, Suz and I all have facebook accounts. I am much better with pictures and posts there.

Suz is already several weeks into her Senior year of high school. I can't believe this is her last year here. She will be taking SAT's in Nov...please keep that in prayer as she struggles with the math portion. She is much stronger in English, History etc.... I was a math/science person in school, but had a difficult time trying to convey the concepts to her (we both think very differently).

We are hoping to be able to come back to the States in April of 2011 to attend Christi's (our older daughter) graduation from Nursing school. She will be an RN and wants to get a job while pursing her 4 year degree and eventually her Masters. We are really proud of her and want to make sure that we support and encourage however we can.

The Bible college is now in full swing. There are 6 students enrolled this first semester....I am sure that there will be many more in the coming semester and that it will only grow and grow each term. We are really excited for the beginning of a new phase of our ministry. Tim will be teaching every term and I (Sara) may pick up a class here and there as things progress.

We will be picking up 3 new girls for the childrens home on Friday. We are excited at the opportunity to rescue 3 more children. One will go right into the hospital for medical treatment. Please keep them in your prayers.

We want to thank all who have been partnering with us. Without you we probably wouldn't be here helping these orphans and running the Bible College and ministering in all of the various ways the Lord opens for us.



Winding Down

Posted by borns on December 2, 2009 at 8:20 PM Comments comments (307)

Now that our time is winding down here in the States, I have been reflecting on our US visit. What a blessing it has been!! We have been refreshed and blessed by family and friends along the way. We've had so much fun visiting new places and making new friends.  Suz and I dipped our fingers in the Pacific for the first time ever. We went to the Grand Canyon for the first time. It was a coast to coast adventure!! I will try to download some of our pictures during our last week here.


Thanks to all who have helped us along the way.


And blessings to all who choose to begin to partner with us financially and/or sponsor an orphan at Helping Hands Children's Home.



The Corn Maze!!

Posted by borns on October 12, 2009 at 12:42 PM Comments comments (229)

We had so much fun the other night!!

We spent the first part of the day walking around the Thurmont "colorfest" (this is a local yearly craft fair event where hundreds of vendors display their wares). We ended up picking up 3 new snowman ornaments for Christmas and another bell Christmas ornament ... I hope the cats don't discover that it is a bell or it will be a lost cause keeping them away from the tree... lol. Suz also picked up a pair of Christmas cat earrings which she was able to get for less than the asking price, after we enptied our pockets of the last of our money and were still $1.50 short... but Suz has gotten really good at bartering for stuff in Cameroon and the Colorfest was closing down. It was really nice seeing some of the events that we used to visit every year while we lived in Frederick.

That evening we bundled up (the temperature really dropped and it got cold!!) and headed to a local corn maze. It was great! They had an theme of "Transformers". There were 3 mazes... Suz and I only made it through 2 of them and these were the smaller ones. The map was confusing to me and I don't do well with mazes anyway!!!. We must have put in 10 miles in a 2 mile maze. I "swear" we passed this same mud puddle at least 6 times (lol). I was almost to the point of panicking when one of the guys we were with found us and between all of us we worked our way out. It was getting to feel like I was in a Twilight Zone episode where I was doomed to always end up back at that darn mud puddle not matter which way I turned.. haha!!. I was soooo happy when we made it out!! Although outwardly I was cool, calm and collected... inside I was jumping up and down.

Needless to say we are having lots of fun!! We spoke at another church on Sunday and were so blessed to worship with some more "American" brethren. Many of them actually are from other countries...several are friends we met in Cameroon. It was a wonderful service and we were blessed with a special presence of the Holy Spirit.

We don't have many pictures since I keep forgetting it or the batteries are dead (like at the corn maze). But I will post what I have in the next day or so.


We are beginning our "rounds"

Posted by borns on October 6, 2009 at 11:47 AM Comments comments (1011)

After 2+ weeks in Florida we are beginning our rounds. In the last 2 weeks we had the blessing of being able to share about the orphanage in 3 churches. A missionary Alliance church in Titusville, FL, at our home church East Coast Christian Church in Merritt Island Fl and a United Methodist Church in Port Orange FL. The last church was kind of a divine set up from the Lord.... we were visiting Tim's sister and family and we went to her church just to have a chance to worship in another US church (I really miss the type of services that you find in the States). The pastor was a great guy, who just loves the Lord. It happened to be their international communion service day...where they take communion and recognize the different countries that they have been in. The Pastor indroduced us and we had a chance to meet a pastor from Kenya. So, praise God! Once more the Lord did something that we were not expecting. It just seemed like He had us there at the right time.

We are currently staying with my Dad. And again, the Lord is opening up something new. He is working with a woman who is a Cameroonian from the town that we are working in. We are having lunch with her and her husband on Weds. so keep that in prayer. We are looking forward to meeting them! Should be a lot of fun to talk to them about Cameroon and everything that is happening there.

Thursday morning we travel to Maryland where we will be staying with friends from our home church in Maryland (we worshipped at this church for awhile before we went to Florida, our daughters also attended the school they have there for several years... we loved that schoool and church!!).

Just want to keep everyone updated and hope to get better about posting "news" as we travel the country.


-- BTW -- I am one proud parent!! Christi is doing so well in nursing school!! She should be graduating Dec 2010. She looks so good and so professional in her nursing uniform... not that I am biased or anything!

Tribute to a fallen hero!!!

Posted by borns on October 1, 2009 at 7:50 AM Comments comments (2929)

I just received news that a classmate of my daughter Christi was killed in the line of duty in Afghanistan. He was 2 classes ahead of her in High school so we didn't know him well. His name: Lance Cpl. Jordan Chrobot. Another friend posted a page honoring him on facebook. Here is a post on the facebook page set up for him. Although I have been corrected in calling a Marine a soldier (by those I support) I think it was so well written that I wanted to post it here. Our prayers go out to the families of all who have fallen and our thanks go out to all who are willing to put themselves in harms way to keep us safe and free!!

A debt we can never repay. Interestinglyenough, he never would have asked us to. He chose to leave the comfortsof his home town and enlist in the Marine Corps to serve. He joined anelite brotherhood of men who come from every town, city, borough andvillage in America. They are rich and poor, tall and short, Catholicand Protestant. Some are Republicans, some are Democrats. Many havenever voted. Some shave beards their first morning in Basic Training.Others have never needed to shave. Some have come straight from highschool; others have left college, in search of something ?more?. Othersdecide to enlist as a way to pay for college. Some have enlisted justto ?put food on the table?, while others have joined out of a sense ofPatriotism. This is the case often since the attacks of 9/11. And stillothers join because they have wanted to be a soldier or a Marine for aslong as they can remember. He was one of those.


HE is JordanChrobot. Oddly enough, one of the most difficult things aboutdiscussing him is whether to refer to him as ?is? or ?was?. Jordan waskilled in combat on Saturday, September 26, 2009. He was not just anumber, or a name, or a ?U.S Service member?, or a ?U.S. Marine?. Hewas his mother?s son, her ?baby boy?, a blue-eyed, blonde haired bundleof mischief with a sarcastic wit and dimples that lit up a room. Hespent countless days at his mother?s side as a Civil War re-enactor.Others often remarked that he always took the re-enactments to heartand ?was? a soldier. Being a soldier was at the very core of who Jordanwas.


His mom, and my dearest friends, Kandy Poole Johns, awokeSaturday morning and started it the way she started most Saturdaymornings. She and the girls, Morgan and her ?bestie?, Jill, were in thekitchen of their log home, preparing breakfast. Kandy had always wanteda log cabin, and her husband Jerry had built her dream home in theheart of the Shenandoah Valley. Her posts on Facebook often refer toher beautiful piece of Paradise in the mountains. She treasures thehours she spends sitting in the swing on the back deck reading.


Saturdaymorning, her youngest, Connor, came into the kitchen from the back deckto tell her that Daddy needed her outside. Still wearing her robe, shestepped onto the deck?and time stopped. Standing in her driveway weretwo marines in their dress uniforms (the Marines refer to them as?Dress A?s?;). This uniform inspires awe in most who see it. Walkthrough an airport anywhere in the country and all eyes seem to followa Marine in uniform. All who wear it exude pride and confidence andstrength. That said, it is the absolute worst, most heart-stopping,terrifying sight that any mother or wife whose son or husband isserving in combat can ever find in her driveway.


Now Kandyfound herself gazing upon that very image in her own driveway. Here, inher little corner of Paradise, tucked away in the beautiful ShenandoahValley of Virginia. Hell had come to Paradise. Jordan was gone. Thiswas not happening. It made no sense. But he is gone.

The worldlost a hero when Jordan was taken from us. He was a Marine, a soldier,a hero, a defender. He stepped into the breach and made the consciousdecision to defend those who were defenseless, to protect those whocould not protect themselves. He is with his Heavenly Father. He is inHeaven. He is alive in our hearts forever. His sacrifice was not invain. He inspires us all to selfless acts of heroism. He lived his lifeto serve and protect others.


He was not drafted. He was notforced or coerced. He was not mislead. He joined with his eyeswide-open. He served in Iraq. Then he served in Afghanistan. Heventured thousands of miles from home to a treacherous Mountain regionin a country most cannot identify on a map. He did it to prevent theevil that lurks in those mountains from visiting itself upon Americansoil. He did it so that he could know that he was preventing the nextWorld Trade Center or Pentagon or Shanksville, Pennsylvania. He did notdo it for accolades, or medals or fame or fortune.


The averageLance Corporal makes less than $2500/month, which works out to lessthan $15 an hour, assuming a 40-hour work week. Then again, Marinesdon?t do 40 hour weeks. They are on 24/7 in a combat zone. Even whenthey are ?off duty? they stand ready to answer the call of acomrade-in-arms who is in harm?s way. Assuming only an 80-hour week,that hourly pay is less than $7.50, making it as lucrative to work atMcDonalds, and very few people ever get shot at for failing to includea straw with an order.


So why is Jordan no longer with us? Whyhas Kandy lost her ?baby boy?? Why has Amber lost her husband? Why hasher status changed in an instant from ?married? to ?widow?? Why haveConnor and Morgan and Casie lost a big brother? Why have grandparentslost a grandson? Why have countless friends lost a friend? BecauseJordan was a soldier. Because he is a hero. Because he chose to defendthe defenseless. Because it was the right thing to do.

Thoseof us left behind will mourn. It is the way God wired us. We will shedcountless tears and spend many sleepless nights. We will always wonderwhat might have been. Some of you knew Jordan. Others are onlyfortunate enough to know his mom, his dad, his stepdad, or hisgrandparents, or his siblings, or his aunts, uncles, cousins, friendsor any one of the countless others his life changed. Each of us isricher for the life he lived. We must lean on one another and God ourFather for strength and understanding.


I told Kandy tonightthat the hole in her heart will never be filled by Jordan again. Godwill not fill that hole in the way we understand it. Instead, that holecan be transformed into a garden that God Himself tends. It will be aquiet place of peace that Kandy can return to again and again, whereshe can be alone with Jordan. Over time that garden will grow to be alush place, full of goodness and happiness and joy. Kandy?s memories ofJordan can never be taken from her. Farewell Jordan. Semper Fi. Be withGod. Rest in Peace.


Lance Corporal Jordan Chrobot USMC

(Jan 2, 1985 ? Sep 26, 2009)

Son, Husband, Brother, Friend, Warrior, Hero


We're Here!!!

Posted by borns on September 17, 2009 at 10:12 PM Comments comments (1289)

Praise the Lord, we have arrived in the US safe and sound.

It was quite an eventful journey. Our friends picked us at our house and loaded the car with our bags and stuff. When we went back to our friends house their dog felt the need to "mark" my leg. It was an experience I hope won't be repeated any time soon, but it was also funny. Thank the Lord that Suz had an extra pair of pants so I was able to change and wash out the dirty pants.

So...6 hours down to Yaounde, 6 hours in the airport waiting for our flight, 6 1/2 hours to Brussles, 3 hours layover, 7 1/2 hours to Newark, another 3 hour layover, 2 1/2 hours to Orlando and PRIASE GOD......we were home. I tell you there is nothing like the feeling of going through immigration with your US passport. I am proud to be an American!! We are one blessed country. I just wish that more American's were more appreciative of what they have. It would make a world of difference in the direction that the country was taking right now.

We are so looking forward to traveling around the country and seeing our family and friends! We will post our phone number soon so people can contact us in case we are in your area.


Great Church Service

Posted by borns on July 19, 2009 at 3:43 PM Comments comments (1008)

For those of you in the U.S.; church here in Cameroon can be a challenge, to say the least. The sound system often distorts a tough to understand sermon, the music gets so loud that it can give you headaches and it can last for many hours. Very different from what we know and love in the States.

It had gotten so bad that Suz and I decided that it might be more profitable to help out in the childrens church. No less quiet, mind you, but at least I understood the message (only because I was the one giving We were actually really enjoying it, but I didn't want to take over for the woman who was doing it already. She has been doing a really good job!!! Unusual, since most churches tend to pass over the importance of training up their children. Today, I was feeling particularily weary..I have been somewhat burned out...and just needed to go to service and get refreshed.

Praise God! I understood the most of the sermon. But the main thing that struck me today was such a sense of fellowship in the Spirit. Here we were Cameroonians and Americans, so different culturally, yet worshipping as one in the Spirit. And we are able to put aside the differences (even though the worship style is different) and just love God from our hearts together. It was awesome! And I don't know for sure about Tim and Suz, but I walked away blessed and filled.

My hope and prayer for everyone else, is that they too can leave their times of fellowship blessed and filled with God's love.